An interview with ‘The Bengaluru Pages’

Thank you Alaknanda for a wonderful writeup. What was to be a chat for 30 mins, extended to almost  two and a half hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it!


The Bengaluru Pages


Click to see a larger view

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5 thoughts on “An interview with ‘The Bengaluru Pages’

  1. Saarus Nirhali

    WOW!!! Great great designs Aarohi. The painted coffee table with the carom board is an out of the world concept and design. Loved every bit of your blog 🙂

  2. Rohan Bhate

    Hey Aarohi, this is Rohan here, Deepas friend….just went through your website…incredible stuff….out of this world….am very very curious and interested in finding out how u do this?
    Brilliant and amazing stuff…way to go!

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