It’s Done!!!

After an exhausting 10 days, many sleepless nights… it’s finally done! I hope Tanya likes it 🙂

Tanys's Wardrobe

Tanys's Wardrobe

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21 thoughts on “It’s Done!!!

  1. Cathy G

    This wardrobe is just stunning – what an heirloom! I’ve enjoyed looking around your site and will be back – gorgeous work.

  2. Ramesh Jhawar

    Awesome!I never imagined its painted on a wardrobe.Only after seeing other images did I come to know.
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for your kind comment.

  3. acharya sanjiv 'salil'

    अद्भुत चित्रांकन ललित, लेता है मन मोह.

    हरियाली को देखकर, हो जीवन से मोह.

    ‘सलिल’ सराहे आपकी कला सत्य है रम्य.

    प्रतिभा का वंदन करुँ, सचमुच कला प्रणम्य.

  4. Geetha

    I like the way you have converted simple, not so appealing things and subjects into pieces of art! Never mind even if it is kitschy!…Read some where that you got inspiration from Mexican art. I would also like to add that…..Indian version of Pakistani truck art inspiration!….Keep the good work going!

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