Alok’s Portrait

This is my friend Alok Johri- a fellow artist and a wonderful photographer. This portrait is done in acrylics and is approx. 20×16 inches.

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5 thoughts on “Alok’s Portrait

  1. Alok

    It’s the biggest honour for any living artist to be on another artist’s mind and being expressed through his/her work and this portrait by you is nothing but a true mirror image of my soul in every sense of the world.
    Aarohi, you inspired me for life.
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. jane

    i cannot get over how real this is. you’ve captured his honesty, his searching look. you know him well, aarohi – and you’re talented enough to translate it.

    1. aarohi Post author

      @Jane- Coming from you and how well you know him….that feels really good as an artist.
      @ Harry uncle- Thank you so much.
      @ Swati- 🙂 me too 🙂

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