Question for you all…

Happy New Year!!

Over the last two years I have received a lot of mails on when my work would be available on a larger scale and in a slightly more affordable price range. So the question I want to ask you all is- what should I do?
I am thinking of continuing to paint one of a kind pieces that are select and done by me. These would still be priced at a premium. Over and above that, I am thinking of taking out a more affordable range of bags/ cushion covers etc (home and personal accessories) that are more widely available. These would then retail out of stores across the country and abroad. I would also be retailing these on my site itself.
You think that makes sense? I want feedback people- LOTs of feedback. HELP!!

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2 thoughts on “Question for you all…

  1. Rekha

    I am all for affordable home accessories, I think you should srsly give this a thought so that I can own a couple of AS accessories 🙂

  2. Anu

    Yes! Home accessories with your trademark art would be great! I’d buy! Those pieces that you feel are unique and that you make only one of, continue to price at a premium.

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