DIY for HT Mint

DIY tutorials always excite me. So I was happy to give tips to Komal Sharma of HT Mint for just such a project for their Diwali issue. Read on to see ways to convert an old trunk into a swanky new avatar.

Thanks Komal 🙂

Click to see detail


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3 thoughts on “DIY for HT Mint

  1. Rachana Saurabh

    Hi Aarohi,
    I saw your this news-paper in flight when I was coming back to USA, I was so happy to read it. And Proudly I told my friend that I know her, she is a great artist. That news paper is still with me, and with your permission I am want to share it on my blog once I reach home.

    -Rachana Saurabh

    1. aarohi Post author

      Hey Rachna, Thank you for your kind words… sure, do share it on your blog. Though do make sure it links back to my site. Thank you for this.

  2. Avery

    I love the way you painted your walls. Nothing beats making the entire room look like an art piece! If only I was bold enough to try something like that.

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