Growing up with dogs

As I mentioned in my post here, I am currently working on a collection to benefit the stray dog. I am happy  to say it is well underway and am working on it quite furiously.  More on that in the next few posts.

For right now, many of you have written in to ask me why dogs? I say why not?

I love dogs, I’ve grown up around them, they were always part of family

This is me years ago in Wellington with my father and Choti, an adorable black Labrador
Choti and me again!
This is my Rana, a golden Labrador when he first came home to us

And then he grew and he grew and he grew…..!!

My father with Rana
My brother, mum and I with Rana

After Rana we were too heart broken to keep another dog. But, fate had something else in store for us. My parents and I had the absolute joy of having Natasha or Tasha( as she was called) with us for two years. Her original family were posted to Russia and she would never have survived quarantine for two months. So we dog sat her 🙂 She was an absolute doll, a gorgeous golden Labrador again. It was heart breaking to give her back to her original family but I wouldn’t trade those two years for anything. Sadly I can’t find pictures of her. Will update as and when I do.

My kids are at that age where they are now demanding a dog. And I am finding ways not to get one. Mind you, I am fast losing that battle. But, with our current situation and living in a flat, with two VERY active kids, a husband who travels…. very hard to do.

Meera, my daughter with Jackie
Mansher, my son with Chintu - a stray. This was a case of love at first sight 🙂



4 thoughts on “Growing up with dogs

  1. brinda nilesh says:

    lovely post!!cud identify with this coz my kids have been pestering me to get them a dog too…but the same old problem….space.n.time…!!

    • aarohi says:

      Thanks Brinda for taking the time out to write in. As to the dogs… I am sure I will loose the battle soon and get a dog regardless of all the constraints. You think you will manage to hold out 🙂 Kids can be very persuasive!!

  2. Pallavi Dar says:

    Just adopt chintu. dont think so much, get him home. everything falls into place- small kids, travelling husband,living in a flat…..all this pales when compared to the joy of having a devoted pet at home. its so wonderful for the kids too….but u already know all this! GO FOR IT!

  3. Chandan says:

    This is such an adorable post.. the pictures brought a rush of memories!.. growing up with four dogs at one point.. has to be the highlight of my childhood 🙂

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