5 thoughts on “Femina- Inspiring woman

  1. Steph Sharma says:

    Congratulations Aarohi! It was so lovely to see you during our visit to Bangalore late February! I love my bag and the watercolor prints too! Thank you for the work you do as part of your talent in art! We are following you virtually!

  2. Steph Sharma says:

    We are all well! The pups are great! Our lean machine Mowgli always runs off all of his extra weight during boarding so we are trying to fatten him up 😉 No one seems to understand it when I tell them that this is generations of maintaining a lean body due to inconsistent opportunities to food! (even if we feed him more, he eats a certain amount… and will even “store” his cookie supply!) Next year (hopefully Feb) we’ll add Mumbai to our annual trip to India and go back to the Marriott street where he was born…. along with seeing some other Mubai sights 😉

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