Evil eye – Nazar

…then came the ‘kala teeka’ advice from friends and family. I have cute kids even if I say so myself. And with friends saying nazar lag jayegi… the full kala teeka/nazar battoo idea was born. As a rational educated woman I felt it beneath me to listen to old age superstition and yet the mother in me could not but listen. I would tell myself it’s only a little back dot behind the ear, do it, how does it matter… and so on. This led to a lot of active research and I found nazar battoos everywhere, in many cultures. Warding of the evil eye was a big thing. It was on cars and trucks, on new houses and old, outside shops, even in the thickly kohled eyes of innocent children. How could I not paint it. In fact three years later, the entire ‘nimboo mirchi series’ on canvas was my cross over, albeit in a small way onto canvas with a more refined fine art approach to a theme that had been a constant in my life the last few years and still continues to be.
Thus was born the series on Nazar Battoo and it’s reference to so many Indian icons.


  nazarbattookettle1 Kettle_NazarBattoo2_c  Kettle_NazarBattoo1_b

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