Sadhu #5

This man does not exist. He is purely a figment of my imagination…

I have spent the last year painting large faces in saturated colour partly inspired by Theyyam and Kathakali.
It was time to get back to painting some semblance of flesh tones. I hoped to breathe life into an image that had been resting restlessly in my head for a while. It was something that I just wanted to feel my way around in order to experiment and expand my own boundaries/horizons and skill as an artist. I went in with no pre-set notions and knew that things will change as I go along.

I have many people wanting to see me paint. I literally get hundreds of emails from people who want to intern or learn from me. “Do you teach?”  This ‘man’ started as a painting demo on my Facebook page where I decided to put this album up and share the progress. As most of you know I am a self taught artist as I did not go to an art school. My learning has come from books/ videos and by just observing people work. I am hoping that those interested will be able to find this helpful in some way.

This canvas is roughly 5′ x 3.5′ and is done in acrylics.
You can see the first few images of this movie as stand alone pictures on the Facebook album here.

This is what became of him …

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14 thoughts on “Sadhu #5

  1. Sutapa Basu

    This is amazing..the transition was superb, that is where the imaginations take place and you have the brilliant ones.

    1. Aarohi Singh Post author

      Thank you Vikas… abhi thoda sa intezaar karo… there are 9 more like this. In terms of the degree of detail and size. All faces – but different faces. This guy I love so started with him 🙂

  2. uddfabricdesign

    its gorgoeus- its as if i were seeing a real human starring right back at me- transitioning and going through stages of his life in just a few seconds. Keep creating and inspiring!!!

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