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Ms. Khan

Mrs. Leela Khan Approx.12×12 inches Acrylics on board papered with brown paper. . I stumbled upon an image on Instagram and saved it. Lovely face and lovely light. The green frames of the spectacle were the deal clincher. I did not really pay attention to who it was as it was meant to be a […]

A birthday gift of a family portrait

The family 59 x37 inches approx. Acrylics and charcoal on papered board. . Here it is. The completed family portrait took many months to complete. It’s in its forever home and the recipient loves it 🙂 So I can now share it here with you all. . This is a large piece with 5 portraits […]

Christina and Roberto

Christina and Roberto Approx. 14×14 inches Acrylics on canvas . This painting is a gift from my friend Kelly (@blackysbnb) to her friends Christina and Roberto. I worked from multiple images as the lighting in the main reference image was not very good. Additionally, Christina has beautiful warm caramel/chocolatey eyes, but no matter how hard […]

Subhashish Mandal

Subhashish Mandal Approx. 6×7 inches Acrylics on canvas . Subhashish bought a dupatta from the ArtbyAarohi label collection (@studio.artbyaarohi) a few years ago. And the gem that he is, he tagged me on that post/story. That was my introduction to him. I was very intrigued by how he had styled my dupatta so I […]

Mr Krishna Rao Jaisim

Mr Krishna Rao Jaisim Approx. 12×12 inches Acrylics on wood papered with brown paper . This is a portrait of my friend (@ashjaisim) Ashwini Jaisim’s father. I have never had the opportunity to meet uncle but of course, I had heard of him. Uncle is an architect and his reputation proceeds him (@jaisimkrishnarao)(@jaisim_fountainhead). In fact, […]

Wg. Cdr. MU Prabhu (retd.)

Wg. Cdr. MU Prabhu (retd.) Approx. 12×12 inches Acrylics on wood papered with brown paper . This painting is a gift to my friend Vasudev Prabhu. It is a portrait of his father. Vasudev had posted a picture of uncle sometime ago where he is smiling and pointing to a bottle of Smugglers alcohol. Something […]

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