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For the love of dogs…

I love it when Poonchh travels and ‘The Poonchh Collection‘ is traveling again this weekend. We will be at the Kitsch Mandi on the 25th of Jan 2015, at Pebble in Palace Grounds, Bangalore from 1pm to 11 pm. It is a Sunday. And there is a whole host of stalls and music to liven […]

Happy New Year 2015 -Season of Giving

I have just one agenda for this new year. To paint every day. Something. Anything. Good. Bad. Even ugly. But consistently. To do something creative everyday. 365 days. Happy New Year! 2015 – Here I come. You ready? 🙂 Towards that end I finally finished the many doggie portraits I had up on my studio wall. […]

A Hundred Hands – Handmade Collective 2014

Poonchh was lucky to get a slot for a day at the A Hundred Hands – 5th edition of the Handmade Collective. Why lucky? Because I woke up to the thought of taking Poonchh along for the ride very late in the day. Mala Dhavan, the force behind the whole show has always had a […]

Now at – The Purple Turtle Store – 23rd August 2014

I am delighted to share with you all that my line of up-cycled and painted furniture will now be available at The Purple Turtle store here in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India. So why am I reworking old pieces – ‘My work is about connections. And the idea of using something already existing and infusing it […]

Vathsalya Art for Care Auction

Indira Bhardwaj, of the erstwhile Right Lines Art Gallery called me up a few weeks ago asking if I would be willing to participate in a charity auction to help raise money for Vathsalya – an orphanage that is completing 25 years. The answer of course was yes. I would have to draw inspiration from […]

GroupShow 2013 – Mahua Art Gallery

I am thrilled to be part of a show at one of the oldest and most prestigious galleries in Bangalore. Please join me for the Group Show titled ‘Faces’ at the Mahua Art Gallery. ” ‘Faces’ is an exploration of contemporary portraiture and it’s role in communicating an unwritten story. This show brings together a […]

ArtByAarohi Exhibition 2013 – Bangalore

Come on over. I would absolutely love to see you all. Though this time due to a whole host of insurmountable reasons I will be unable to put up a catalog online in time for the show. But as soon as the show is done I hope to get the remaining stock online. I will […]

Of coasters and cushions

Over the years I have had a million ideas for collections and merchandize each with a distinct flavor of ArtByAarohi. But somehow it never really panned out, between kids/home/ husband traveling and of course external dependencies. They did however all come together during ‘The Poonchh Collection’. Though that is a different story. I did do […]

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