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In Mail Today

The other afternoon I got a call from Monalisa Das from Mail Today. She had heard about the Poonchh Collection and wanted to know more. Specifically, about how the marketing for the collection was actually driven by social media. She likes dogs too :-). It was wonderful to have her carve out a little space […]

In the Hindu Metroplus

Thank you, Sravasti Dutta, for the wonderful write-up. The three hours chatting with you flew by in a jiffy. The integrity you showed in talking with me so candidly, and on so many topics was a breath of fresh air. And of course, the pepper chai added to the afternoons’ spice 🙂 (Please click the […]

Memories of the 100ft exhibition

The dogs took over 100ft from Feb 10-12th 2012. From life-size silhouettes to paw prints leading the guests in…. it was three wonderful doggie days. I met and interacted with old friends, made a whole host of new ones, and realized, there are enough people in the world who still care for those that can’t […]

In Time Out Bengaluru again

A big thank you to Amrita for writing about my work yet again. You can read about the earlier piece here. My conversations with her always revolve around food for some reason. She had come over to do a shoot for a quick breakfast recipe that could be prepared in under five minutes. You can […]

A labour of love- the story

The Poonchh Collection is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. With so many moving parts and so many points of interaction and departure…this collection was truly a labour of love. For anything else, I might have given up a long time ago. But then, like anything that has taken time, energy […]

Poonchh Collection Catalog

I am happy to finally reveal the entire catalog for this collection. Please click here to see the details. And I invite you and your friends to come for the show starting tomorrow… To read about the genesis of this collection, please click here. To see styled images of the collection, please click here and […]

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