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The BIG reveal – ‘The Poonchh Collection’

I know I have tested your patience these past few weeks with constant posts related to raising awareness on the plight of the Stray Dog. Thank you for being so loyal and interested enough to keep coming back day after day. So here it is now – the BIG reveal… The clue in that ‘blink-and-you-miss-it […]

Kajal on the move

These sketches are of Kajal. She is a beautiful dog, that Rakesh of VoSD, picked up on a recent trip to Goa.  She was a little bruised, battered and lonely when he found her. Today, after four months of unconditional love, she positively glows with good health. I am not sure what prompted him to […]

On Pride and protection

Have you ever seen anyone that’s cornered, battered or bruised, constantly looking over their shoulder in fear? Tired and scared even of their own shadow? I have. Just open your eyes and look around. It’s the same for animal or man. When you’ve been beaten down once too often, there are only two options – […]

On Sharing

No man is an island. There is space for everyone, if we only change our perspective. Affection doesn’t cost you anything. It is the same across social, economic, religious, cultural or even geographical boundaries. It’s one of those rare gems that when you use and ‘deposit’ in the safekeeping of another… it comes back manifold.

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