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My friend – Jaythirth Ahya

Jaythirth Ahya. Charming smile. Smart brain. An affable young man. He is the founder of The Experience Company – parent to The Road Trip Experience and The Beach House project. Both of which are companies that design experiences for you. But that seems a rather tame explanation for what these companies do. If you just read the last few posts in my Effortless Friendship series, it will give you a pretty good idea of just what these two companies do…

I met Jay at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Jay is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I did enroll myself in college but from day one in the chemistry lab I somehow knew that this isn’t for me. I did not study anything in my engineering college and most of my education came from long drive with friends, hanging out at a small cafe near college and working on 3 ideas (a startup that was designed around bidding and fell slightly into gambling, a startup that enabled women to get online in 2011 and a design consultancy for which we started operations in a swanky office). I went to Symbiosis for my Graduation.

How did the jump to designing experiences happen?

I believe a few things in life are planned but most aren’t. My life has been laid with epiphanies and by the grace of the universe, I have never been afraid to chase them. I have found means to make things happen either naturally or by giving it my all.

While working on Womanor – the platform for Indian women, I came across the term UX for the first time and it fascinated me. A diagram I found online neatly said UX lies at the center of people centricbusiness design and technology. That was my moment – the wind blew, the temple bells clanked and my face lit up – I was always a jack of all trades and finally I found something that was a real profession designed for people who like doing more than one thing at a time.

I jumped straight into it. That was my first f2f with designing experiences – to create a platform my mom can use and get connected.

Right after college, Google launched a national initiative in India called / helpwomengetonline and it was time for me to learn more in life and revisit this idea later in life. I joined a Startup in Bangalore as an User Experience Design intern wrapped up my life in Pune and moved to Bangalore. This was my second f2f with UX Design. I was loving it.

During this time, I was super keen on finding ways to apply rules for online experience design to an offline world. It was so exciting for me to discover this world of crafting moments and spaces that would excite and inspire others.

I was still learning the frameworks of applying my skills offline and the first experiment I ever did was about creating a space where art would meet tech and hardware with the Bangalore Open Coffee Club. It was fantastic to brainstorm, draw service flows on whiteboards and chart out customer journeys. It was being geeky with design!

However, the real break came while designing the first Roadtrip Experience Project – an experiment to bring creators, doers & influencers from art, music, design, film, writing, photography and more on a journey to connect, collaborate and create. Everything that I had ever learnt went into that project and it was a success in its own way. That is when I knew – I am meant to be an Experience Designer.

What are some of the challenges you face?

Starting a business!!

What is your company called and why?

My company is called the Experience Company – its a straight forward name. Though we do diverse and experimental projects, design concepts, create branded content and strategies, own and create tribes of diverse thinkers (communities) – but at the kernel of everything lies Experience.

Its also because  Experience has become the focus of today’s generation – there has been a shift from consuming things to living experiences – people prefer investing in experiences over buying things. The name of the company is relevant to today’s age, mindset and philosophy.

Over the next few years, we plan to launch a diverse range of experiences from Village Collaborations to Roadtrips for Impact. The Experience is going to be at the center of all these projects, hence the name.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

It’s a mix of catching up with really diverse people on the phone and in person, drawing excel sheets for curating residents & road trippers for the upcoming projects, jumping around in excitement when there is a new concept being rolled out or a new collaboration happens between members of the Tribe to stressful situations especially when hurdles come along with logistics of running things. Mostly its about whiteboards, brainstorms, visualizing experiences and making things happen.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

Create things that matches the values of today’s generation.
Bring people together that would never meet otherwise.
Do things that haven’t been done before.
Do good Karma and wait for it to come back, or just do good karma.
Make things happen, put in the work.

What is the next step you see for your business/Expansion Plans

The next step for The Experience Company is to roll out new concepts and make the tribe more diverse. Enable more collaborations and conversations between people who generally would never meet because they are not in the same circle of friends or profession but are magic creators, movement makers and doers.

We are looking forward to launch an impact project, a rural project and a project around Fashion along with scaling existing projects to newer locations.

Every location we work with, we make sure we unlock the entire creative ecosystem in that state, city or country. We have worked in 5 locations till now and are planning to create more experiences in 10+ locations by end of 2018.

Fav drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Long Island Ice Teas, Hot Chocolate, Old Monk
All the movies that inspire: August Rush, Before Sunrise, Social Network, Rainmaker, too Big to Fail
Books : Shantaram, Jeffrey Archer, Harry Potter


Jaythirth Ahya
Designation: Founder of The Experience Company

Roadtrip Experience Project: &
Beachhouse Project: &

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My friend – Tanya Gupta

Tanya Gupta. Young. Carefree and very opinionated. In a good way. Knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.
I met Tanya at the Beach House Project in march this year at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Tanya is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. She decided to follow her dream and make a change with young minds. Why young minds? Read on…

What did you study in college?

I pursued B.S. in Computer Science (AI) and B.A. In Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst. I graduated in May 2015

How did the jump to designing travel/experiences happen?

After finishing my degree I was certain that sitting behind a computer wasn’t my calling. I wanted to go out and make stories. I took a year long ‘time out’ after college to travel and came back home to try my hands at different businesses. During this time I met a lot of people, attended a lot of events and took a lot of interviews. Slowly I realised that something was missing, there was a gap between what was being taught and what was needed in life. Degrees were not enough and a lot of people (youth) were directionless. Around the same time I met Jay who was working towards creating inspiring journeys for amazing people and I thought this is it. Journeys should be done in schools. Having traveled extensively, I knew how much they can teach you. Young people need to move out of there 4 walls and see and learn from the world. So Jay and I started designing travel experiences for under 23.

What are some of the challenges you face?

When you are walking your own path, challenges are inevitable. They break the monotony. I received a lot of rejection / skepticism from schools and people about the idea, but my family always supported me.
Throughout the 8 months or rather since the time I graduated my biggest challenge was finding out what I wanted to do. That period of being lost was very very challenging. I was  deconstructing myself and it was unsettling but that ended as journeys began. Self Discovery is perplexing and I don’t think it’s ever going to end.
A challenge for life, if you may!

What is your company called and why?

My company is called Loud Minds.
Why? – Because the young minds are beautiful and lively, they should be loud.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

There is nothing routine about my work right now. I wake up to new ideas and continue working on old ideas. Some days are super awesome and others super low. Mostly I am in the house if I am not traveling. But I am trying to become a morning person and trying to find ways to learn new skills like water colour painting, playing the flute etc.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

I am not sure if I have a process in place but I do have a philosophy in life which is to be happy! My father taught us at an early age that there is only so much in your control outside, if you want to be truly happy learn to be happy within, grow on the inside, be true and find a purpose bigger than you. When you work towards something bigger than you, it’ll inspire you each day.

What is the next step you see for your business?

I want to reinvent education. It has to move beyond classes, report cards and certificates. It has to be about learning and inspiring. I wish to make travel a part of curriculum for the youth.

Expansion plans?

More Journeys, everywhere.

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Fav Drink: Coconut Water
Fav Movie: Inside out
Fav Book: Many but Calvin and Hobbes are my fav
Fav go to place: Inside, I hardly get time to sit still and just delve into myself, but otherwise every place I visit becomes my favorite place. Currently it’s Bhutan


Tanya Gupta

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My friend – Shreyans Jain

Shreyans Jain. Super achiever. Warm hearted. And really nice. I met Shreyans briefly in Kochi but that conversation over lunch at Pepper House was enough to show me insight into a young man who had a firm head on his shoulders and a very savy idea on how to make money and change some lives in the bargain. And I mean that in the nicest way.

I met Shreyans at the Beach House Project in march this year at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Shreyans is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I did my Bachelors in Business Management (BBM) from Christ University, Bangalore.

How did the jump to designing events/experiences happen?

When Anto (my partner) and I began talking about the problems that the youth of our country were facing, as college students we realized that there was no one that took the largest demographic of our country seriously. We wanted to create something for the youth. A platform, a community and a congregation of young creative folks who could speak, showcase and even network.

What is your company called and why? How do you manage a crowd of youngsters so effortlessly?

Our company is called Under 25 and we are media and entertainment company for the youth and the young. We are also popular for organizing India’s largest youth festival, The Under 25 Summit.
Nothing about this was effortless, to be honest with you. It was four years of endless effort from us and our team who worked tirelessly to build the company, the festival and the philosophy of feeling Under 25 🙂

What are some of the challenges you face?

Getting brands/organisations to buy into our philosophy and supporting our endeavours has been slightly difficult. But over a period of time, that has gotten better too. We are also a bootstrapped company, which has its own challenges, but we like the advantages of that, so it works out ☺

How do you stay relevant and young in this fast paced/ ever changing world?

Firstly, since we are young, it works out in our favour. Also the average age of our company is 20. We want to continue maintaining that by consistently bringing young folks on board to run Under 25.

Could you share a typical work day with us? What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

No day is the same, which is the only way we’d have it. As a team we also spend a lot of time brainstorming about new ideas, new IPs and ways to increase efficiencies. Our philosophy is simple- run the business like a ‘dhandha’. A business that makes money in the present tense. All our creativity, our events and all efforts are still focused on running Under 25 like a ‘dhandha’.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

We want to become the go-to platform for all things youth around the country in the coming years. Everything from online content to offline experiences, we want to be the voice of everyone under the age of 25. More so, create all of this for this very demographic.

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

HUGE fan of organic teas. Love ‘Shantaram’. Social is my go-to place 🙂

Shreyans Jain

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My friend – Amit Bhardwaj

Amit Bhardwaj. Tenacious. Focused. In for the long haul. 6Degree.  At one of our first conversations Amit and I got into a long drawn out argument on how to grow our businesses. Over the course of three nights and very vociferous conversations, we finally found an equilibrium. Amit is one of those rare souls who is willing to argue and discuss all aspects of a point of view before settling into a more comfortable well thought out stand.

I met Amit at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Amit is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I did my MBA (Telecom) from Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune. I finished in MBA in 2008.

How did the jump to fashion happen?

We started 6Degree for the Music industry initially but there were lot of IP issues in this industry. Following advice from a few mentors we decided to explore the Fashion ecosystem. After a 3/4th survey and meeting a lot of fashion professionals, we decided to apply our 6Degree concept to the fashion industry. Since the fashion industry is very unstructured, the concept of bringing the ecosystem on a platform made perfect sense.

What is your company called and why?

My startup is called 6Degree. Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world is six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. The idea behind naming our startup as 6Degree was because we want to connect the entire fashion ecosystem.

What are some of the challenges you face?

There were lot of challenges we faced in our initial phase, but I would like to mention few:
– Not being from the industry: It took us a lot of time to fully understand the industry and thus our time to market took a long time.
– Building trust: The fashion industry is very flexible & value driven and as we were very new to the fashion industry our prospective/new clients took a lot of time to trust us.
–  Funding: As our concept was unique & there are very few companies like us in the world, it look time for investors to understand our business model & believe that it is an investment worthy startup.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

Well we are a very flexible startup which is driven by goals & values. This reflects in my typical work day. I generally reach office by 10AM & start with green tea and checking mails. Next thing I do is checking our previous day’s social media performance of our posts. Work continues till lunch. We generally have lunch together as a team & have a lot of laughs over it. Post lunch its a routine to have a 10 min walk to get fresh air. I close my day by 5:30/6 PM & take an Uber  home 😊

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

I am a free thinker who believe in equality for all. All my product thoughts are around usability & multi-operability.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

We plan to launch an app that will form the “digital backbone” of the entire fashion ecosystem. We also plan to build an international footprint. One line answer – “Be the Google of Fashion the Ecosystem”. Thus all of you looking for your fashion business – 6Degree is the answer.

Favorite  drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Drink: Scotch
Movie: Invictus & The Terminal
Book: The Prodigal Daughter
Place: My village


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My friend – Manas Kunder

Manas Kunder. Artist. Illustrator. Unassuming. Mad. On a Madtrip. Manas is that guy who I would be happy to spend hours discussing art and life with. Somehow everything about him is calm and non threatening. His art and way of thinking is so different from mine and yet… his sketch book gives me insight into a very complicated mind. And it is one I would love to unravel over a few drinks just talking and painting. This guy I wish lived closer…

I met Manas at Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. One week together can get a bunch of people quite close quite fast. And that is exactly what happened.He is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I completed my B.F.A (bachelor of fine arts) from Rachna Sansad College of Applied Arts and Crafts. It was a four year course which took me five years to complete as I had flunked in the second year board. It did come as a big surprise as I had flunked in art rather than all the other boring things I’d studied, but it did give me a push to excel more and I passed out topping the university in the last year.

What made you pick art/ design?

I have been inclined towards art right from the earlier days of my childhood right from making my own paper toys to silver foil creatures. My grandma”s wall was all distorted and had paint chipped off, so when she would try to put me to sleep in the afternoons I would stare at the wall and form all  kinds of different creatures in my head. Post college I spent  five years in advertising and design, I figured my strength lies in creating funky illustrations and not being restricted by any brand. So I created my own brand called ‘Madtrip’. I also freelance as a designer, make murals and also recently started teaching part time in Pearl academy.

What made you expand?

My range of merchandise in ‘Madtrip”  are limited to what I personally prefer or what I would like to get or buy as a consumer myself. For instance the reason I started designing sleeping masks was cause I love sleeping and I mostly end up sleeping in the day. In the start I got lot of doubtful questions from people around me as to whether it would sell or not but I was quite confident with the concepts that I had in mind and it worked out great.

What is your company called and why?

Well my company was initially called “Manimal” but then I saw that there was an existing clothing brand called Manimal so I asked the people on my Fb group at that time to suggest names and finalized on Madtrip which was suggested by a close friend and it fit in perfectly.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

Well I don’t have a fixed routine, but during tight deadlines I would wake up at eleven and have a good breakfast with a cup of coffee. Then start doing some research on my topic with some rough sketches. Eat food at three and start my main work by seven thirty and go on till late at night.
My work schedule  also ends up getting split between designing or printing orders from amazon for Madtrip and my freelance designing.

What is your design process/thinking/philosophy?

Well I still have so much to learn, but as of now I feel it’s a balance between creating certain designs that are more abstract and personal to art which is more relevant to the people. When it comes to designing or creating illustrations for a Madtrip product,  I wouldn’t invest time in it unless the concept moves me and I can visualize it being something that’s not been seen before.

What sets your work apart from another designer?

That would be my style of art and a certain sense humor that I assume I have 😛

What are some of the hurdles you face as a young business?

Keeping a balance between management work and designing. Also a balance between my personal and professional life. I’m still in search for the right market place for my original designs.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

Well a website is on top of the priority list. More outlets to circulate my merchandise and get some one to manage my online marketplaces. Planning to test my designs in the US by the end of this year.

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Drink – Lemon Barley in the summer and Old Monk in winter.
Movie -I love watching Japanese animi movies its super inspirational.
Go to place –  It would be on the Docks of Versova where you can take your own bottle of alco and get fresh fish to eat by the sea.


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My friend – Rishi Kartik

Rishi Kartik. Quiet. Unassuming. Wild card! Musician and Film Maker. My introduction to Rishi was unassuming and of no seeming significance. He came across as a young man still trying to find himself. Till the introductions happened. And he told us of his history. That first evening with all of us sitting together late into the night really brought out his personality to the fore. And may I say he is one WILD card. But absolutely adorable and charming. That is one lethal combination. Oh! and he termed the phrase “Best Mom Ever” for me. The reason that came about may not be appropriate to share so publicly but suffice it to say. He thinks and my kids just have it made with such a cool mom who is a little unaware shall we say…? 😉

I met Rishi at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Rishi is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I did my graduation in Computer Applications but I finished my Masters of Mass Communications from Symbiosis Pune.

What made you pick music and film making?

Music has been an inherent thing since our childhood. I’ve grown up listening to Vividh Bharti as well as the Cassette and CD’s phase. My brother and I used to perform locally at a Kids Garba (EDM for Gujarati’s) and that’s where my love for Beats and Performance started. As I grew, my voice started to change and I couldn’t sing anymore, but it just opened up another window of possibilities. I use to fidget around with DigiCams around 10 years back and I made some films and even a sent off video dedicated to my brother. I loved how 2 different pieces of audio and video came together and evoked an emotional response. It was power of an unprecedented kind uncovered by him. I listen to a lot of western classical music and imagine epic war sequences, even now. This is where it comes from. To be able to manipulate people’s emotions, that’s the best part of it.

What are Bombay cab sessions (BCS)?

In one line.’ It’s a Music Series inside a cab, shot live with one take’. In the current scenario where technology has overtaken a lot of the aspects of Music Making, I am willing to go a bit old school in terms of making the music. Music doesn’t need a confined space. It can come from anywhere. And the main reason is to support Independent Music. We use to have an era in 90’s where a lot of artists came out of the independent music scene. That got completely diluted and it’s almost dead for a decade now. I want to bring the Era of Pop Culture back.
At BCS, we want to break these barriers and bring out these artists on a much bigger platform. And it’s the one chance, one take which is all it takes. The artist and their creation are the core of every episode. It not only gives them a chance to showcase the song but also to talk about the story behind it.

How did the idea come about??

Like how all good things happen post 12 am, this one happened in a pretty similar fashion. More than the idea what fascinated me was the possibility of being able to achieve a product of a decent kind without big moolah. We experimented with the Bombay Taxi, but couldn’t fit more than 2 people with a guitar and the noise factor of the car. So we tried a couple of iterations before we found the best possible way to shoot and record the audio and video live.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

Generally I try to finish all mundane tasks and the tasks which will keep me outside by sunset. I prefer to work at night. It’s much peaceful, lesser distractions and I have found a sweet spot after many years of permutations and combinations. Whether it’s writing or editing any video, I find the night to be extremely important. I make sure to watch at least one film  everyday. It’s an exercise I’ve put myself through to make it a habit.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

Every project is a different challenge and has different approaches. I tend to get involved in all the departments. More than involvement is the curiosity to know more. I used to get carried away by success and the failures would make me go crazy and have sleepless nights. This is something I still have to adapt myself to and find a middle road.

What sets your work apart from another musician/film maker?

I feel as a film maker I’ve the power to manipulate emotions and people around me. I want to be remembered for those 2 lines or 3 words which will leave an impact for a long time to come and that is what makes sets me apart.

What are some of the hurdles you face as a young business?

Being taken seriously was my first hurdle, I founded Noah Productions to start Bombay Cab Sessions as my first independent project as a producer at the age of 24. So to start from there, it has taken a lot of patience and time to be given an equal platform.
I also feel that in this day and age when things happen at such speeds, our system and the people running those systems need to upgrade. Solutions do not get implemented even with the right resources.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

The immediate plan is to bring the Cab Sessions Part 2 which will feature 10 artists from all over India.  I also want to start a platform to create very short format content. I am also in the process of writing an Independent Feature and directing it by the end of the year.
I would love to get into producing features and web-series as well.

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Drink: Thums Up.
Movie: The Secret of Kells
Go to Place : Goa

Rishi Kartik

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My friend – Cheelu Chandran

Cheelu Chandran. Resilient. We have all heard of that person who gets knocked down by life a million times and then gets up a million and one times… Cheelu is that person. This is going to be a short personal introduction because I am genuinely at a loss for words.  She had a huge impact on me for very personal reasons. Made me realize that there is nothing that one cannot over come. One just has to want to! Read on and you will know at least a little bit of why I say this.

I met Cheelu at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. One week together can get a bunch of people quite close quite fast. And that is exactly what happened. Cheelu is a huge follower of the  Ketogenic diet and I got to re-learn a few principals of how to treat my body. She is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. Read on to find out more about her.

What did you study in college?

I majored in Psychology, Journalism and Literature. I later did my P.G diploma in Psychotherapy and Counseling

What made you choose therapy?

One of the reasons I chose to major in the subjects that I did because I liked the combination and there was only one college that gave this option. Apart from that, I was interested in all three. In my later years, I came across far too many life challenges which made me re think a lot of things and reassess my life. I began to research as a part of my own soul’s journey, the nature of human behavior. The more I researched, the more I delved into my own pain to make sense of all the things that had happened and were happening in my life. As I dug deeper and got more intimate with my feelings, a whole new world started to unravel and I wanted to reach out and help as many people as I could to tell them that there was a way out and there was someone here to reach out to and someone who understands. This was something that I didn’t have in my own life. All my learning was through intense self-discovery. I learnt that often in our lives, we are at what I call a V junction. One goes down to the Victim road and the other, the Victor road. There is no right or wrong road. It is just what we choose. I often say to my clients, “since we are still alive, why not give joy and triumph a try. If it doesn’t work there is always our
default mechanism to fall back on”

What is DeBox?

DeBox is a philosophy, a concept I created to break the boxes of conditioning that we all live with. The rules of black Vs white, right Vs wrong, good Vs bad can Vs cannot, must not, should not have left us rooted in fear and limitations of what we are capable of. In other words, DeBox helps you dig in, break boundaries and puts you on the road to optimum holistic wellness and harmony. This is done through workshops, one on one counselling, healing through sound and a proper food plan The three-pronged strategy is Think out of the box; Live out of the box; Destroy the box. DeBox. It was conceived in one corner of my bed in 2014 when I was recovering from a sudden paralytic attack I had in 2013.

DeBox is about holistic wellness to take you from a space of merely existing to living a full life. To take you from a fearful existence to a love filled life; from limited thinking to an abundance mind-set. This is done through using very simple and easy to do process. Every process contained in the DeBox program has evolved from within me from doing 20 years of research and soul searching on emotions and behavior and something I have personally tried and tested on me. That’s how I know for sure that it works.

Why a Ketogenic Diet?

After my paralytic attack in 2013, I was under heavy medication, from steroids to sleeping pills and everything between. Add to it the enormous insecurity that I faced because of loss of balance as only my left side was working. Everything suddenly became unfamiliar and most of what and who I knew, disintegrated into unfamiliarity. As a result, I turned heavily to food as a source of comfort mostly because the medications made me extremely hungry. I gained enormous amounts of weight. It took me three years to gauge the amount of weight gain and more than that to accept it and still love myself because being fit is of prime importance to me. Even though my wardrobe had shrunk to a few clothes that fit, I was in denial up until December 2016. That changed when I went in to hospital for a dental surgery and I stood on the weighing scale. The reality hit me like a bolt of lightning. Up until then I had tried almost every diet under the sun and I had imagined that they were working. Keto was almost like a Divine message that I received. I was angry and desperate when it came like a flash from a conversation I had had with someone in the recent past. That was it. I did my research and it made a lot of sense. I have been on it since January 2017 and the results are starting to show, slowly but surely. Most importantly I am feeling healthy and haven’t fallen ill since I started. I used to be down with a fever almost every month since 2013. Whenever someone asks me how I am, this is the first time I am saying that I am very well.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

My single workday involves multiple things. It is an amalgamation of clients for one on one counseling and/or sound healing, creating keto recipes, researching on how to use sound as a powerful healing modality. I am also doing my Shamanic and Angel therapy studies.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

My process: if I can a make a difference to one person I am one step closer to my life mission.
My thinking: each one of us is already infinitely wise and immensely capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to. Everything is just buried under piles of conditioning and boxes.
My philosophy: each one of us is born to thrive, not just survive. Our default mechanism ought to be joy, peace and love.
My motto: at least one of them: If I can so can you

What sets your work apart from another?

All the life skills I impart in my workshops and one on ones are something that I have developed during my twenty years of life challenges and research. In that sense, they are original ideas. What further sets me apart is that I have tried and tested all my processes on myself. I have lived and continue to live with what I teach. I also take the emotional roller coaster ride along with my clients and feel their pain. Thus, it makes me more empathetic. I do not dish out advice and I do not quote from psychology books. I help you build bridges, based on your unique life experience and inculcate self-love. Therefore, there are different processes for different people.

What are some of the hurdles you face as a business?

More recognition of what I am doing, more collaborations for where I want to take this. Right now, I am single-handedly managing everything. I have had team members who joined of their own volition and left of their own accord.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

Forming collaborations and teams to look after various areas of the business. A chef, a musician and a work space.
Step 1: to open a sound healing center and a keto café preferably in Goa.
Step 2: to make DeBox global as a premier holistic wellness center
Step 3: to be the next Louise Hay, from India to the world

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Favorite drink: coffee with cream
Favorite movie: I cannot name one. I love horror, true stories and court room drama
Favorite book: again, I have several that I love, apart from the ones that I will and am writing
Favorite go to place: Starbucks, my home and kitchen

Cheelu Chandran

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My friend – Vanshaj Kapur

Vanshaj Kapur. Film Maker. Creative director. The Bold Creative. I met Vanshaj in 2013 on a trip to Sydney. He was working on a project for my husband. My first thought on meeting him was that he is always hungry. And somewhat scattered. Till he got into work mode… Driven.

Over the years Vanshaj has continually surprised me. With his focus and his meticulous attention to detail. With the vision for what he sees his company The Bold Creative grow into.  For walking the fine balance of running a business/agency with out compromising creativity. For building an office environment that big companies would aspire to…

It was at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi that I got to spend some quality time with him. And I find that I like him!  You can read about that trip here. The next in the series of Effortless Friendships is my friend Vanshaj. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I went to Symbiosis Institute of Design, and did a course on Communication Design with a major in film and video design. That is what I studied as a pupil, however what I learnt was that to truly communicate with anyone, you need to read people not books.

What made you pick film making?

As a child I was always driven by creation, and was constantly looking for ways to express myself. I danced back in school, and performed at international competitions. I tried to sing, and failed miserably. I acted in theater too, and continued doing so till college.
The realization that film had so many multiple layers to express emotions and tell stories really intrigued me. While I watched a Shahrukh Khan film, “Kal ho na ho” I was draining tears and realized how they could so easily manipulate my emotions. I knew then that this was a skill I wanted to learn in order to tell better stories. The rest is then history.

What was the Big Film about?

The Big Film  was named so because I personally have always loved making productions massive, and earning a lot of attention via them. During the first few years of college, I would often tell my friends, “I want to make a big film man. These short stories are just not cutting it. I want to do a feature.” The same thought carried with me till my graduation project and I put all my eggs in this basket. We crowdfunded the film successfully, and had a crew of over 40 people making the film. This was the biggest production college had seen till date.

Now, with all these hopes and dreams of making a massive production while in college. My story had to be personal. The Big Film, or how we later named it ‘He Who Chased the Train’ is a story about how society conditions you in a manner that you cannot tell your morals from right or wrong. All the characters in the film are inspired from my own experiences and I can easily say that I know each of them from under their skin. The film does have a lot of narrative flaws, but I think the film is also a major mark of achievement for me in not only story telling, but also making a BIG film.

What led to the shift to Bangalore?

After having realized that I wanted to work for myself, I’d first approached an old friend Sankhalina to co-found this new venture with me. She was in Bangalore then, and it would’ve been a lot harder for her to move to Mumbai then for me to shift.
Bangalore also happened to be a lot cheaper and economical for starting something on my own. It didn’t take much thought before I’d packed and moved.

How did the idea of The Bold Creative come about?

At first when I’d shifted to Bangalore, the idea was to just do work that we liked doing. We didn’t know if we would be a design studio, a production house or an advertising agency. But as our hair grew white, and we realized the kind of work we had been doing. The agency model seemed to fit just right, and then the vision of being a large agency came about. That was really how it started, and was rather organic.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

A typical work day starts with me waking up and squinting to check my emails and messages on my phone. I then spend my morning at home making a list of ‘to do’s’ for the day, and then heading down to office.

Our help at The Bold, Kamrul starts my day with his amazing coffee, and I get to sending off emails first thing. I then break into either brainstorms with the team, or meetings, or shoots. Depending on what the day has in store. The major chunk of my day is never typical really. There is always a new schedule. So I guess the coffee and the ‘to do’ is what always remains constant.

My work day usually ends very late, and I head back home only by about 11pm or later. That’s something I’m trying to work on, but the thought of leaving office kinda freaks me out. Probably cause I wouldn’t know what else to do if I did leave office early.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

As far as process goes, it varies from medium to medium and project to project. Considering we do branding, advertising, UI/UX, films and so on. There is a unique process for each of them.
My personal thinking for any project always starts with an insight. Which could be a dialogue that I’ve heard someone say, a behavior, an emotion or anything that a human being really expresses. I’ve always felt that design or communication needs to hit the spot. Hence it’s very important for me to be able to relate to the work I do, else it just feels like making plastic.

What sets your work apart from another agency?

Not really sure how to answer that question, because I do look up to a lot of agencies and their work. But if there was a unique thing that sets us apart it is our confidence in our team. We have an average age of 22 in the company and these youngsters make a killing on big projects too. Being a young leader, I know the importance of giving young thoughts and ideas a chance. So we try not to rely on traditional work or templates that have worked in the industry so far, but give everyone regardless of their years in the industry a confident chance to bring new things to the table. That for me is truly unique, cause most young designers lack confidence in their ideas and their approach. Finding a way to tap that potential is what we do best, and hence are able to make a mark for ourselves.

What are some of the hurdles you face as a young business?

Most hurdles we face are common to people in our business, like money, team, taxes, administration etc. But I think what we’ve combated a lot is a pure perception issue, being a young agency that was once lead by a 22 year old was a bit difficult to sell to clients. We were perceived as a bunch of kids, and changing that perception of being a serious and relevant agency has been the toughest. We still face that, but maybe only with bigger clients.

What is the next step you see for your business? Expansion plans?

We’ve been thinking of starting another branch in Mumbai for a while now. Given that the film industry is there, our films department could work a lot faster if we situated ourselves in Mumbai. Our revenues are doubling year on year, so we are trying to keep that constant, and hopefully set bigger targets in order to achieve the new branch expansion.
However, my ultimate vision of the agency is to be a worldwide agency, which has its office at NYC. TBC NYC as we casually joke about it in office.

Favorite drink/ movie/book/go-to place?

This is the hardest question of them all. I can’t figure between coffee or beer as my favorite drink, I also really love whisky.
A movie that has moved me a lot, and I look up to for brilliant storytelling and characters is Monsoon Wedding by Mira Nair. I think I’ve probably seem it over a hundred times.
My favourite place to visit in Bangalore is a bar called Toit. I’m usually there every weekend drinking a brew, and cribbing about my week.
But if I have to find a place that I truly love visiting, it is Dili Haat in New Delhi. As children my father used to take us there for chicken momos and fruit beer. That place always brings back tonnes of nostalgia and emotion.
As an adult I’ve read plenty of books ranging with various subjects. But my favorite has to be ‘The Room on the Roof’ by Ruskin Bond. He as a writer just knows where to tickle me, and my film ‘He Who Chased the Train’ takes its protagonist’s name from the book ‘Rusty’.

Vanshaj Kapur

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My friend – Ishaan Prakash

Ishaan Prakash. Truly one man up. Stoic. Brooding. With a quiet sense of purpose… till he opens up! And then he is just a whole lot of fun. A barrel of laughs and yes! He’s got a few moves for the ladies but I am going to let the single ladies discover those for themselves 😉
For the young men out there he has just the tricks for you too to be One ManUP. And lucky for you, he is happy to share!

I met Ishaan at the Beach House Project in march last month at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. One week together can get a bunch of people quite close quite fast. And that is exactly what happened. The next in the series of Effortless Friendships is my friend Ishaan. Read on to find out more about him.

What did you study in college?

I studied Architecture at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

What made you pick architecture?

Architecture struck me like lightning post reading Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. I was always inclined towards the creative arts since childhood – be it sketching, painting or constructing make-believe structures out of lego.

What made you give up architecture?

The amount of creative liberty we were predisposed to in the UK brought along with it quite a work culture shock when I decided to work in India. Sitting for 12 hours in an office, in front of a computer and taking orders from someone I didn’t know, was most definitely something I wasn’t built for.

What led to ‘One ManUP’?

Post quitting jobs at two of the best firms in India, Chapman Taylor and Archohm I realized something obviously wasn’t right. I resigned myself to a month of introspection (amidst all the chaos of fulfilling my “ supposed “ duties, I never got the time to stop and think). I decided to play on my strengths, which were  not contrived and something I would happily do 24/7/365 days of the year. Those were – writing and speaking – essentially communicating.

I started writing a manuscript with an idea that had been tossing around in my head for a while – I completed the book in 1 month and 18 days. I named it ‘One ManUP’. It was a fictional piece about the evolution of a male protagonist over the course of 30 years. Next thing I know I had built my own website for Men’s Styling, and I was operating it like a machine with new content day in and day out. Before I knew it, ‘One ManUP’ very organically turned into India’s first Men’s Styling Service.

How did you come up with the company name – One ManUP?

As controversial as it may sound along with the immense scope it carries to be misused, the idea behind One ManUP was pretty straight forward. It stood for men wanting to level their game up in any area of their lives. When they had done the needful and put in their due diligence to level up, they had evolved into a Man higher than their former self. Hence, One ManUP.

What is the objective of One ManUP?

The primary objective of One ManUP is to make fashion, looking good, and self care accessible to the average man. By average I don’t mean bad. I’m average. But the endeavor to want more is something that makes us extraordinary. Fashion & Self care as an industry is still very much considered for the elitist. I am going to change that. You don’t have to break your wallet or give up 2 months of your life to improve yourself – but you do have to put in the work to see what life has to offer you – so much more than you see right now.

What is the main issue facing young men you think?

Lack of awareness. I would love to be proved wrong, but men are either too careless when it comes to themselves or too cautious of it. One ManUP doesn’t strive to just improve you aesthetically, it challenges your core beliefs and way of operating.

What services does your company provide?

We’re a Men’s Styling Service. Depending on your need, we make over your wardrobe accordingly, tailoring it to your fit, needs and budget. We also specialize in Fitness, Grooming and Lifestyle for Men – each segment is led by their respective experts. They deal with a range of issues – right from obesity, endurance training and bodybuilding; to functioning and making an impression on everyone you meet in a social setting and to overcoming anxiety.

How do you handle issues of privacy?

We have a confidentiality clause when clients sign up for a service. Their privacy is of utmost importance to us. For the purposes of a Client Testimonial, we only use clients who want their examples to be used.

What is the next step you see for your business?

Lots actually ! We are in the middle of tie ups with brands ranging from retail to designer. We’re working with MNC’s and Study Abroad Consultants on providing Styling and Grooming Seminars for their employees and students respectively, to minimize the culture shock and maximize their capabilities.

What about expansion plans?

Like I said, my endeavor is to make sure not a single strata of man are left behind. Be it a boy studying to give his engineering entrance in Tamil Nadu, or a graduate adjusting to a new job in New Delhi, a working professional looking to improve his dating life in Mumbai, or a grandfather celebrating his golden anniversary in Gujarat. Now it’s all about whatever it takes to getting there – and doing it.

You favorite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Favorite Drink – Black Coffee
Favorite Movie – Too many to name – Home Alone, Rocky series, Dil Se, Swades, Lootera, Karan Arjun, Cast Away, The Terminal, You’ve Got Mail. List can go on and on.. I’m a proper Cinephile.
Favorite Book – Currently I’m reading the Immortals of Meluha – GEM of a book !
Apart from that I read Jackie Chan’s Autobiography a few years back. It’s a must read even if you aren’t a fan.
Favorite Go To Place – Perch , a Wine and Coffee Bar in Khan Market, with really good music.

Ishaan Prakash


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The Beach House Project – March 2017

What do you get when you put 14 creative entrepreneurs under one roof for seven days, sharing space and doubling up in one bed room? –  As the next few posts roll out you are going to find out!

I don’t go out a lot. I am a home body by nature and it takes an effort for me to get out.  It was not always like that but it has become so. When my friend Vanshaj Kapur of The Bold Creative, shared the application form with me for this years week long residency for The Beach House, I was filled with trepidation and lacked inertia to really get into it. Besides my life is a carefully choreographed dance at best or utter chaos at worst with so many moving parts.

But somethings are meant to be. And so it was…

The idea was to get us all under one roof and get us to think and engage. Engage with each other and with ourselves. Honestly and openly. We all introduced ourselves and shared our challenges. We shared our perspectives and the hacks that have allowed us to get to the level we are in our individual lives. We received unbiased opinions and helpful tips to circumvent the road blocks that we face in extending our businesses to the next logical step.

The pièce de résistance of the entire experience was the opportunity to meet and interactive with Sudarshan Shetty (the curator for 2016) and the team at the Kochi Muziris Biennale. The idea was to put our heads together and come up with options and solutions to the myriad challenges that the Biennale faces. To brain storm on matters of engagement, interaction, extension of audience, possible funding avenues.

I arrived in Kochi at about 10 am to sweltering heat and a strange calm. I left Bangalore with zero expectations for the week to come. At the very least I thought it would be a good holiday. Was I wrong! As the week unfolded I made a set of friends for life, learnt hacks to better navigate life and business and took home new approaches to face my challenges. Seems to good to be true, na? But it is true. True to the last bowl of creme I polished off! I met a fellow follower- Chellu Chandran, of the Ketogenic diet and re-learnt a few principals of how to treat my body. That is where the bowl full of creme comes in! But that story is for another time.

Let me introduce you to my fellow inmates in an ‘insane asylum’ of the very best kind. Besides with the amount of cream I was eating the guys at the hotel definitely thoughts I was nuts 🙂 The asylum in question was the Neemrana hotels property  – a 17th century light house in Fort Kochi facing the Chinese fishing nets now converted into a beach front villa hotel. They had a few other guests but those guests knew to stay out of our way and the hotel staff was un-believeablely co-operative and over extended themselves where ever they could.

The entire experience was crafted by Jay Ahya and his team at the Beach House Project. The residents included – Jay’s team of helpers –  Kritika, Tanya and Charan. And our team of participants included Vrinda, Nitisha, Savera, Cheelu, Vallery, Vanshaj, Rishi, Manas, Ashish, Amit, Ishaan and Rohan. Subba and Shreyans joined us for a day each. 

The connection with everyone was so strong that I can quite truthfully say that these were all effortless friendships. I have always said that I am the sum of all the people who come into my life. It really is about connections and communication. I had both by the bucket load. And I hope to have collaborative experiences with at least some of my fellow inmates. I want to take the time to introduce each of my new friends to you all one by one in a series of posts to follow. For one paragraph alone would not do them justice.

Please take the time to follow the links in this post and learn about The Beach House Project and it’s sister concern The Road Trip Experience. Should you get a chance to go for either, just GO! They will enrich your life.

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Instagram :
Facebook :
Contact :

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