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The Sunday Standard Magazine – Mar 2014

This article was published a while back in March 2014 in ‘The Sunday Standard Magazine‘ but between school exams and year ending madness, I forgot to post it. Actually, I never got around to reading it. Now with school holidays, I have some time to breathe… Thank you Pallavi Rebbapragada for the wonderful write up. […]

‘Swishing’ Skirts

I have learnt much from my maternal grandmother (nani). A large part of who I am is because of her. What she taught me about drive and commitment at age 8 is something that makes me – me! I grew up with my nani making clothes for me and I learnt the basics at her […]

ArtByAarohi Exhibition 2013 – Bangalore

Come on over. I would absolutely love to see you all. Though this time due to a whole host of insurmountable reasons I will be unable to put up a catalog online in time for the show. But as soon as the show is done I hope to get the remaining stock online. I will […]

Of coasters and cushions

Over the years I have had a million ideas for collections and merchandize each with a distinct flavor of ArtByAarohi. But somehow it never really panned out, between kids/home/ husband traveling and of course external dependencies. They did however all come together during ‘The Poonchh Collection’. Though that is a different story. I did do […]

Bengaluru- my muse for a while

The Bangalore kettle was a result of inspiration drawn from a Bangalore based ‘Khiladi Table’ that I had done on commission for some one. The table had the usual Carrom, Snakes & Ladders and Chess It also had a Bangalore based monopoly with real estate specific and special to Bangalore.      The imagery begged to […]

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