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Hi, I am so glad you stopped by. This site showcases my work and all things related to it. Take your time and enjoy the site, and please do leave your comments. It’s always good to get feedback.


Sometimes happiness comes in smelling the rain and sometimes in a gigantic burst from the heavens. Big or small these are all happy happenings.

See the highlights as my journey unfolds.

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Poonchh is close to my heart for many reasons. Yes, I love dogs, but more so because it gave me direction when I was rudderless. It gave me hope when I was ready to give up and most of all it gave me faith to always believe in possibilities.

Poonchh is an effort to help out and not give a hand out. I have pledged 50% of the profits in perpetuity from the sale of this collection to support a welfare program for stray dogs.

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