I don’t really like to use this word ‘kitsch‘ to describe my work. But the press has done quite a job naming it so. I am going with the flow here…
It started with one kettle – ‘The kiss kettle‘. And I was hooked. My mind was full of a multitude of ideas just waiting to be painted. I could not get them out fast enough. Each piece is an individual and one-of-a-kind piece. And each has a story or a specific thought attached to it. I repeat a theme but never the same piece.

People have always told me to put a ‘kaala teeka’ on my kids…thats where the idea of the ‘Nazar batoo’ kettle was born. ‘Singh is King’ kettle was born out of the fact that I am half a sardarni married to a sardar, my son wears a ” singh is king’ t-shirt bought from Amritsar, the movie came out, and I conducted a session for Bangalore Walks on Sikhism for their ‘Living faiths of India’ walk. The ‘Levitate’ balti was the result of my talking to a friend who owns a store called Levitate..

22 thoughts on “Kitsch

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  3. Anoushka says:

    Hi your work is amazing 🙂
    and i am very inspired …im doing an extended essay -research essay on indian kitsch art and would like to interview you if possible ?
    Awaiting your reply
    -Anoushka Advani

  4. Uma Subramaniam says:

    Hi Aarohi, your work is so vibrant and beautiful. I am so disappointed that a lot of your work is sold :(. I’ll be in Bangalore next month and would love to come by and see your work. Please contact me and let me know what’s possible. Warm regards, Uma

    • aarohi says:

      Good Morning Uma, Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. Please do come over when you get into Bangalore next month. Just send me an email when u get in. And we can make a plan. i look forward to meeting you. Till the…

  5. Bindiya says:

    Hi Aarohi,
    Really liked the kitsch kettles. Are any of them still available for sale and how would I be able to buy one?
    Thanks a lot.

    • aarohi says:

      Thank you for the appreciation Bindiya. Yes, I do have a few. I am right in the middle of this huge painting that I have to finish on a very tight deadline. Please give a me a week or two and I will send you a few pictures of what I do have in stock. And if you like any, you can purchase it directly from me 🙂

  6. Rashi says:

    Hi Aarohi,

    You have amazing talent and a huge inspiration. I am extremely passionate about Kitsch Art and have tried a few pieces on my own. May I enquire how much are you selling the Indian Chair for? Thanks again, you are indeed brilliant!

    Thanks – Rashi

  7. Megs says:

    Hi Aarohi

    I’m from sri lanka and have been looking at your stuff – its awesome.

    do you sell your stuff online? do you ship overseas?
    please let me know:)

    • aarohi says:

      Hey Megs,

      I am so glad you like my work 🙂
      I do sell online and I do ship overseas. My site is soon going to be revamped to allow payments online. As of now, you write in to me at aarohi@artbyaarohi.com with what you would like and we take it from there.


  8. deepa says:

    beautiful work! There are some kettles sold on craftsvilla from pyjama party, are those your creations too? do you conduct any classes for 6 year olds 🙂 ?

  9. Shyam says:

    Hi Aarohi,

    My name is Shyam and am currently based out of the UK..I stumbled upon Kitsch art by you..To sum it up in one word – Awesome!

    Am coming down to bangalore on Sep 23rd for a week.
    Any chance of meeting up or buying any of your kettles or baltis for our new home.

    Please let me know

    Many thanks

  10. puneet says:

    Hi Aarohi…been an admirer of your work for years now! Could you help an aspiring artist in the pursuit of knowledge and share your experience in how you prepare the metal pieces before painting?
    I wud be very grateful….thanks!

    • Aarohi Singh says:

      Hi Puneet,

      Thank you for your words of appreciation.
      You would need to sand down the metal surface, apply primer, sand down again if needed and then paint with enamel or acrylic paints. Let it dry well for a few days and then do a coat of lacquer/polish/varnish.
      Hope this helps…

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