Ink blobs

My start into pen and ink was purely accidental. I was in Barmer, Rajasthan and frustrated with waiting for an oil painting to dry. I started scribbling with ink, added some ink blobs, smudged them around and voilà I had a wonderful painting.

I love the immediacy of the pen and inks, does not take too much time to do or dry. But it is a whole lot more difficult, as it is probably the least forgiving of all the mediums. As in, one mistake and its gone. Next to impossible to correct.

I start with a preliminary sketch and then start inking.

7 thoughts on “Watercolour

  1. Ira says:

    Hi Aarohi,

    I actually stumbled on your blog because of a comment Jane make on FB.. but am so glad I did.

    Your work is just amazing.. I have always loved the painting Vinay has.. but seeing the depth of your work is just amazing.

    I love the way its is extended to other medias except canvas.. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will follow your work for sure……

    Love Ira

  2. Sonali Shekhar says:

    Nice paintings Aarohi! I am a huge fan of water colors but the details in your work is simply awesome! My favorite from you paintings is the ‘Sling a baby’ Waiting to see more of your stuff. Good luck!

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi, really enjoy your items….especially the watercolours and teapots. Will be in India end of November. Where is your art sold in Delhi, goa or Jaipur? Thank you.

    • aarohi says:

      Hi Margaret,
      I don’t retail out of any of those cities currently. Though you can buy directly from me. And I ship to you where ever you want. If that works for you then I could probably send you a few images of what I currently have available with me.

      I hope this helps…Do let me know.

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